The Case For Paper Stationary

In a space where everything is going electronic — from the way we communicate through texts and email, to how our medical records are kept — the paper trail we once crafted is no longer a physical, tactile thing, but left to a much ethereal cloud. Paper stationary including invitations and a simple thank you note have transitioned with technology, so is stationary still relevant in our electronic world?  

When was the last time you received a creative thank you card or a unique gift box in the mail, and what feeling did it evoke? At Paper Frenzy, we craft our stationary to help you find the words of gratitude to bring warmth with a personal touch to those you care for. In today’s post, we’ll explore the case for paper stationary and why we still need it.

Stationary - Paper or Electronic?

The two primary options for stationary are paper and electronic, so which one do you choose? Both have a time and a place in the stationary space, but it’s more about the intention behind paper stationary that makes it so significant and memorable.

When would you use electronic stationery?

Electronic thank you cards and invites are great for a spur-of-the-moment events that can quickly reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. It keeps track of who has RSVP’d and can even give you the details of who has opened the it.

Electronic stationary is also great for the following reasons:

  • It’s cost-effective - The invite companies you can use online are usually free, so if you need a place to cut costs for a party, this is a great way to go.
  • You can update easily - Say the time of the event changes or the location, you can easily update this and let everyone know efficiently and effectively.
  • You can share it on various platforms - If you’re hosting a big event and want to invite a lot of people, you can share the invite over a multitude of social media platforms.
  • You can customize them - In the early days of online stationery, design was pretty plain. It’s come a long way and now you can fully customize an online thank you note or invitation.
  • It’s eco-friendly - A big concern these days are products that are sustainably made and eco-friendly. You can’t get much eco-friendlier than electronic stationary. It’s saving paper and the planet!

Electronic stationery has its place, but it will never be as timeless as paper stationary.  

The Inclination Of Paper Stationary

Paper stationary is, in many ways immortal, and will always be elegant and classy. You have to ask yourself when you sit down to write a thank you note or wedding invitation, what is it that you’re trying to cultivate? Usually it’s not a quick, last minute thought, it’s something you’ve been conjuring for a couple days or a week, and now you finally get to put your thoughts to paper.

Paper stationary is not an afterthought.

When you receive a written note on paper you can put it on your fridge as a reminder of the upcoming event, or hold on to the personal note and look back on it and remember the person and gratitude it holds.

Paper stationary is the only choice for the following reasons:

  • It’s stylish - Paper stationary can get as intricate or as basic as you want, but there is always a design that you will love. They even make cute party gift boxes that you can include and that adds an extra touch. Receiving an invitation in the mail is more personal than ever before and coveys not only the message or invitation, but does it with style.
  • It’s inclusive - Everybody has an address, but not everyone has an email or is on social media, so sending paper stationery includes everyone.  
  • It’s clear and concise - If you’re sending an invitation electronically information can get muddled, and people may not respond because they’re unclear about it. For example, in an online invitation, it might only be addressed to one person, even though it’s extended as a plus one, but the recipient may not know this. In a paper invitation, it’s very clear on who’s invited (you can address it to a whole family such as, The Johnsons) and there is space to fill in or make note of who will be attending.
  • It’s individualized - Not only does paper stationery speak to one person, if it’s an invite, it keeps your invite private. This way no one can see the entire guest list or accidentally make a comment on social media to someone who wasn’t invited.

Make a statement in today’s technological space, and send paper stationary in the form of thank you notes, invitations, or unique gift boxes. In the days of receiving a lot of emails each day, sifting through and sorting what’s important and what’s not is laborious. An online invite may even get sent to spam so the recipient may not even see it! Make life a little less complicated and choose paper stationary. The subtle gesture is impactful and a timeless gift to those who receive it.

Electronic stationary is quick, cheap, and easy, but if you’re looking to tell people they matter and are an important part of your life, paper stationary does a much better job of that!

For stylish thank you notes and unique gift boxes, browse the wide selection of paper stationary and cards at Paper Frenzy today!