Thinking Of Starting A Gratitude Practice? Here’s How!

Gratitude has come a long way, so much that researchers have begun to pay attention to it and support it in scientific studies. People who practice gratitude on a daily basis have reported better sleep, feeling more alive, experiencing positive emotions, and practicing and feeling a deeper sense of empathy. Gratitude has even been shown to support and strengthen the immune system. With all the benefits of practicing consistent gratitude, why aren’t more people doing it?

Give a simple thank you note and ignite your gratitude practice. At Paper Frenzy, we want to give your gratitude a voice and help convey a message to those who receive it. Choose from unique thank you cards to creative thank you cards that guide your words to paper. Join us today as we explore what a gratitude practice is and how to implement one into your daily life.

What is a Gratitude Practice?

It seems odd to start a gratitude practice, because aren’t we all thankful already? While many of us could relay what we’re thankful for if asked, starting an actual gratitude practice requires a more rooted introspection and time reserved for asking yourself questions.

Many begin a gratitude practice by starting a gratitude journal. Often times it goes beyond just stating “I’m grateful for my friendships,” it helps you get more specific and connect to the “why” in why you’re grateful for your friendships. So instead, you’re grateful for your friendships because some of them made you feel seen by bringing you dinner when you were sick.    


  • Begin a gratitude practice by setting aside a time everyday to reflect on your day.
  • Ask yourself questions and expand and explore why you feel the way you do.
  • Start a gratitude journal.

Are there ways I can cultivate gratitude?

Cultivating gratitude really begins with you taking a look at the events and situations in your life, and shifting to view it a little differently than before. When this shift is towards gratitude you’ll be able to see things from a much different perspective.

As we’ve mentioned before, keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to start. There are no gimmicks or expensive parts to it — it’s simply a pen and notebook. 

Begin to alter your perspective on things. This can be focusing on an office that feels cold and uninviting, but instead noticing that is has an amazing view. Just try and replace the negative with a positive.

One of the biggest components of a gratitude practice is self-introspection — this is meeting yourself with respect and humility.

How do I begin to practice gratitude?

There are many ways to begin to practice gratitude, and they include:

Paying a compliment - You know what feels better than receiving a compliment? Paying a compliment! Make it a habit to give at least two compliments daily. A compliment can be direct such as “I really enjoyed your presentation” or indirect, “this morning's sunrise was spectacular, wasn’t it?” You can even write out a compliment on beautiful stationery as an extra gesture. There is really no right or wrong way to give a compliment as long as it’s ginuwine and coming from a good place. Do try and be as specific as possible as that lets the other person know you see them and care. The only rule of giving a compliment is don’t give a backhanded one such as, “you gave a great presentation...for a junior partner.”

See the situation differently - Life is life and you’ll experience all sorts of situations. When one comes up that’s unfavorable, ask yourself “what lesson is being taught” or “what can I learn?” When you look back on the situation, what are you grateful for? When you can make experiences a little less emotional, it’s easier to identify the things you’re supposed to learn.

Keep your thoughts to yourself - When you keep your complaints, critiques, and gossip to yourself, you’re able to spend your time and energy on much more positive and productive thoughts and actions.

Be accepting - At the other end of a gratitude practice is being able to accept a compliment or nice gesture as well. If a friend calls out of the blue to check in on you, express your surprise and delight so they know they’re valued. Always respond kindly and say “thank you,” rather than brushing off the kind words.

Gratitude Hacks

Practice gratitude by opening your heart and mind, and if that means using gratitude hacks, by all means take advantage of it!

Gratitude jar - This may seem childish, but it’s a fun way to jot down words or acts of gratitude, throw them into a jar and revisit them later. You could even start one in your workplace where your coworkers write down a compliment for one another and share them at the end of the week.

Pay-it-forward gratitude - Start a beautiful chain of “pay-it-forward” gratitude. If you receive a compliment, pay it forward, and then ask the person you compliment to then pay it forward.

Gratitude app - There are apps that you can download for your daily gratitude practice that will provide a daily question on what to journal and reflect on.

Thank you notes - A simple, handwritten thank you note is worth its weight in gold! It tells people you not only took the time to notice them, but that you’re also writing it down.

Thinking about gratitude seems like a no-brainer because there is always something to be thankful for, but starting a gratitude practice can really hone in your thoughts and help shift your perspective and how you greet new situations. Practice gratitude by giving and accepting compliments and opening yourself to seeing things differently. You can try a gratitude hack such as a gratitude jar or thank you notes.  

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